SYN- was invited by Étienne Turpin to discuss vulnerability issues in design as part of the RISK : Predicaments in Architecture and Urban Planning Conference Series at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Design Vulnerability Panel with Ricardo Dominguez, Justin Langlois (Broken City Lab) and La Lleca Colectiva, Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Jean-François Prost (atelier SYN-)

From the perspective of design research, the laboratory is a model for investigating urban scenography, interstitial space, transient icons, and the political economies which shape architecture and the city. The lab is not, in this model, the hygienic space portioned from the world to afford a distanced observation; the lab is instead a platform for embedded forms of inquiry, intervention, speculation, and experimentation. These precarious forms of practice are affirmed through design strategies that embolden our experiences of vulnerability at the level of the city, the social, and the ecological. These practices do not attempt to erase vulnerability through design but instead leverage design research and performative experimentation by collaborating with and among various vulnerabilities. The panel considers how practices of accumulating vulnerability offer new models of courage and conviction for post-heroic architecture and design.


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