Situations & Conditions

The SenseLabs are a pedagogical, artistic, and research project developed by Musagetes to understand how people make sense of their experiences with art. Eight participants in Lethbridge, Alberta undertook the set of four labs between May and November 2014. The labs sequentially progress from individual exercises to collective projects; from inquiry and observation to analysis and representation; from walking and talking as forms of inquiry to writing, drawing, and performing as forms of articulation; and from personal perception to public action.

The SenseLab participants invited Jean-François Prost, a Montreal-based artist, to lead the group in the development of a series of public actions. Throughout the city, we explored sites of conflict, overlooked spaces, contested spaces, and sites of interest. By placing a 20-metre length of red fabric on the sites, we transformed them into momentary social spaces for picnics and tea parties. The project is titled Situations & Conditions.

SenseLab Participants
Jennifer Davis
Rosemarie de Clerck-Floate
Curtis Goodman
Tad Mitsui
Madison Reamsbottom
Sharon Stevenson-Ferrari
Urvil Thakor
Glenna Westwood
Muriel Mellow, researcher
Shawn Van Sluys, facilitator

Guest Participants
Jasper Davis
Julianna Davis
Ryan Doherty
Kris Hodgson
Zvezdan Pavlovic
Jenna Swift
Shaylene Wall

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