Workshop at
Planetary Futures

International Graduate Summer School
Concordia University, Montréal

August 9th 2017

Speculative Design / Expo 67 
Long time neglected, abandoned or often mal aimé both the Biosphere and Habitat 67 have recently become two very hot and popular architectural symbols of Montreal. Today you can find shopping bags, carpets, t-shirts about expo 67. But beyond its photogenic architecture, current idealisation and commercialisation, very few remember or know the political, social and cultural project (foundations) and intentions of expo 67. The proposed walk and discussions will focus on present and past hidden realities and desires to explore connections with local and global theories and practices such as of the metabolist movement in Japan, la Révolution tranquille in Québec and mai 68 in Paris. Our discussion will draw upon spatial concepts such as: adaptation/transformation, participatory design, maintenance, public, private and and common spaces. We will seek to critically engage with the underpinnings of Expo 67, their speculative aspects and impact on the city’s past, actual and future development.
Jean-François Prost, July 2017

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